Next Northwest Partners

Our success as an outlet would be nowhere without our support from artists and brands in Portland. There are many who share our passion for promoting positive local projects that are inclusive and bring the community together. Next Northwest partners are a growing network of like-minded brands looking to make an impact. Here are some of the people and companies who have been instrumental in our growth.

We have forged relationships with companies who are looking for great opportunities within the Portland music industry. The goal is to bring lile-minded brands and artist together to promote their work on their own terms through event and content partnerships.


Portland Beard Oil

next northwest partners portland beard oil

House Spirits

next northwest partners house spirits distillery


next northwest partners ninkasi brewing

Flatline Studios

next northwest partners flatline studios

2:30 Agency

next northwest partners 2:30am agency

Guy Brooksbank Photography

next northwest partners guy brooksbank

Bare Bones Cafe

next northwest partners bare bones cafe

Aaron Ross & Who’s The Ross

next northwest partners who's the ross


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