Rooted in Portland, OR, Next Northwest is a collective designed to bring together art and community through creative marketing collaborations and digital media.

Next Northwest is a full-service media/marketing collective that will see any project through from start to finish. We are always looking to expand our broad network of like-minded bands, brands, labels, venues, etc.


Next Northwest is here to connect your music and art to the local and national music community. We write, review, interview, etc. — any avenue NNW can take to deliver your product to consumers.

Experiential Marketing & Events

Next Northwest is in a rare position to connect you with your target audience in a truly unique way. We have the ability to provide your brand with an artistic vision and bring it to life leaving a lasting impression on your intended audience. We can take a project from start to finish, or jump in somewhere in the middle. NNW will set your brand apart from the rest.


With a high volume of web traffic from a broad demographic, advertising with NNW provides great possibilities for your brand. We offer a reasonable monthly advertising package and are always willing to talk to start-ups.

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EL VY: Brent Knopf Interview

Words: Michael Faul For a city known internationally for its music and arts scene, that is ...

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