Ice Queens

Having established themselves in the Portland music community through years of booking and performing around town, Evan Houston (lead guitar), James Taylor (bass), and Brandon Nikola (drums) found themselves becoming restless in the musical landscape of the Pacific Northwest. They craved something louder and heavier than what their local counterparts had to offer. So, in the Spring of 2015, finding shared inspiration in the 90’s post-core sounds of bands like Failure and Hum, they attempted to fill that void, and became Ice Queens.
After months of brute collaboration, they decided to sharpen their blunt, musical assault, enlisting the technical savvy of Edgar McRae (vocals, rhythm guitar), thus providing the soaring harmonies and words that were missing from their anthemic guitars, pounding bass, explosive drumming and irreverent screams.
After a brief period of experimentation, they emerged from their laboratory (Edgar’s basement) with a self-recorded and self-released 3-song EP which was well received by local press, and by the Fall they were igniting stages all over town with their bombastic live performances.

Now, having found their sound, Ice Queens are poised to erupt onto the music scene at large with the release of their debut self-titled album on Next Northwest.


Rooted in Portland, OR, Next Northwest is a collective designed to bring together art and ...

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