SINGLE REVIEW: Leisure Club – “Hold On”

leisure club

“Born out of late nights and after hours night clubs, “Hold On” ( From Leisure Club)  is a take on the absence of meaningful connections made during nights of excess. With heads on fire we saunter out of dark doorways looking for someone to help mask the comedown only to wake up and find exactly that; it was only a mask.

Fairly new to the scene, Vancouver, Canada’s Leisure Club is attracting a crowd inspired by living life in the summer time shine. “Hold On” comes in with bright, head nodding drum beat, followed with glamorous guitar licks and soaring vocal harmonies singing “with our heads on fire.” Described as a “whirlwind of summer love,” Leisure Club is set to release their  self-titled LP on November 17th. Give “Hold On” a listen below, and get ready for proper summer vibes. 

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