Portland Hip Hop Feature: B. Worthy and Free WiLL Vibin – “Space N Time”

Free Will Vibin

We’ve got a very exciting collaborative project from Florida born, Portland based artist Free WiLL Vibin and Florida based artist B. Worthy with Whitney Jones singing back up vocals. 

This track and album has been many years in the works with B. Worthy (Brian Worthy and Free WiLL Vibin (Will Hill). The Tampa Natives grew up together, going to the same church in their hometown. After many years apart the two reconnected and began working on their B. Free project with Lava Sound Productions. 

The track and album are a fresh sound in the Portland Hip Hop world.  The blending of B. Worthy’s east coast rap style with Free WiLL Vibin’s southern singing and rapping style makes for an unconventional and original sound. The hook is profound and catchy

“Space and time don’t matter, where I’m at right now”

The lyrics touch on subjects from seizing the present moment to the way time and space affect personal relationships.  This track is perfect for cruising down the highway on a long road trip as well as on at a party to get people moving. 

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