New June Junior Video “Teenage Love”

Fans of Grimes and Sia take notice, this avant-garde art-pop artist June Junior, hailing from New York City and the music collective Gunk TV Records, has released a new video for her single “Teenage Love.” Full of summer vibes and teenage nostalgia, this well-produced video captures the viewer in fuzzy memories of young love and warm summer nights. With a background in a K-pop group (June’s mother is Korean), she has ventured out on her own solo project with the talented producers at Gunk TV (who have worked with other art-pop artists such as Weyes Blood and Ariel Pink), to create an off-kilter form of pop music, bubbly, catchy but not fake or shallow. 

Here’s a short bio she wrote for the video: 

“Music has always been something very close to my life that I also always wanted to push away.  As a girl growing up with a white dad and korean mom, I never saw people who looked like me in American television, music etc.  Even now if you think about who the most famous asian american singer is you have to dig into the indie world.   At the same time, I was drawn to so many other passions that I ended up focusing on making a career in art and film.  In 2011 I had the opportunity to join a kpop group, the nonstop training and new culture I got to explore was exhilarating but the lack of creativity was confining.  It was interesting to finally live in a culture where Asian people were in the media exclusively, where korean singers were the norm, where my pop star uncle would walk anywhere and be recognized, the kind of celebrity that is unknown to most asian celebrities outside of Asia. While I was there in Korea training I became close to the group’s songwriter and occasionally I would swing by the studio and write songs to his beats.  With a background in writing poetry and creative writing, I realized it was something I was good at but the rigid patriarchal structure didn’t suit my wild american style and I decided to return to America and continue my career designing sets for commercials, music videos and fashion.  I poured myself into learning about how to make creative ideas happen, exploring all aspects of video production from lighting, camera, editing and of course art direction. Along with the rest of america this fall, my life took an emotional turn with two very difficult break ups and a serious reevaluation of how I felt about the direction of my career.  I began to write music non stop. All of the things I wanted to say about how I felt just came pouring out.  In many ways I think it saved my life and kept me sane.  I don’t care anymore if there aren’t pop musicians in america who look like me, I want to share my songs because in my time of heartbreak and need they helped me.  With this video and song, that I directed, edited, art directed, styled and co-wrote I want to start letting people know that I’m here to make fun catchy music for everyone. At the same time, I want to show America that musicians can look like anyone.  I want to help shatter the bamboo ceiling.” 

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