Live Review: Surf Curse at Holocene

Photo by: Jai Valentine

Written by: Shayna Chabrow

Photography by: Jai Valentine

The duo known as Surf Curse performed for the first time in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic crowd. The Reno, Nevada band, who now reside in Los Angeles, cohesively blend punk rock and surf pop together to create danceable, mosh-able, music that feels nostalgic and relatable. Their newest album Nothing Yet, is filled with short, scrappy songs that look back at the past while trying to move forward.

Fellow LA, Feminist-punk band French Vanilla opened for the duo and brought with them a heap of punchy, anthemic songs filled with sarcastic and heated lyrics. Frontwoman Sally Spitz was sweating bullets while shouting and prancing around on stage. Saxophonist Daniel Trautfield was the highlight of the group, bringing in fast-tempo rhythms while dancing with his saxophone. 

As a touring band, Surf Curse are joined by a female bassist who has no trouble keeping up with the band’s high energy. As soon as they began playing, people were immediately shoved to the front of the stage like a wave. A large, exuberant pit broke out in the middle of the crowd as the adolescent group jumped and pushed all their troubles away. 

Photo by Shayna Chabrow

The duo had no idea what to expect from the Portland crowd and it seemed like they weren’t expecting much as they were pleasantly surprised by the crowd’s reaction to their music. As they continued to play through their new songs “Christine F,” “Doom Generation,” and “The Strange and The Kind,” they also dipped into older tracks from their 2015 album Buds by playing “Freaks” and “Ponyboy” which the crowd knew every lyric to.

Photo by: Jai Valentine

The all ages Surf Curse show was a raging rampage of teens releasing their angst and having fun while doing it.  The crowd of youngsters only let up for one song before going into a fit all over again. This was a show that proved “all ages” can throw down just as hard, if not harder, than 21 year olds.

Photo by: Jai Valentine
Photo by: Jai Valentine


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