Feature: Dream Dream by Secret Colours

Dream Dream was released July 7th and it’s a finely produced psychedelic collection of brit pop inspired tracks, ready for radio play and the charts. Catchy, sharp and upbeat. Enough of this lo-fi trend, bring on the high fidelity crystal clear highs and well-mixed lows. Even if the ’60s pop composition isn’t your thing, you have to appreciate the quality of craft here. 
4/5 Stars

Off their Bandcamp: “With Dream Dream Secret Colours continues to craft a sound that reaches far beyond the city limits of their hometown of Chicago, IL. After heading back to Dripping Springs, TX and recording their fourth full length LP at Dandy Sounds Studios with engineer/producer Dan Duzsynski, Dream Dream relishes on the current level of the demand on society to rely on their screens, devices, and multi-media influence. Dream Dream takes its musical cues from indie, pop, psychedelia, and garage rock, captivating listeners through a myriad of melodies that make up Secret Colours’ signature sound. Songs like “Changes in Nature” and “Pins and Needles” are homages to their influences while “Feed the Machine” delivers a pounding vibe of bass with an attitude of 70’s London.”

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