Trading Music For Memories, Tuarrah – “Vistas”


This week we have a special feature from Brooklyn/Nashville based group Tuarrah. The track is a beautiful composition with a very relaxed sound, perfect for cruising to the river on a summer day. The 3 piece show off their diversity and vocal range in the track with fierce harmonies building to a catchy chorus. 

Tuarrah has done something completely unique for their debut release.

Their eponymous EP is available through a bespoke website that trades memory for music. Upon visiting the site, each listener is presented with a choice: pick one question out of five and answer it before accessing the music.

“What is your favorite memory of the ocean?”

“Describe a memorable interaction that you had with a stranger.”

The answers to these questions are posted anonymously for all to read as they stream the album. As more and more listeners add their stories to this digital scroll, the web of memory and music grows thicker. Each question echoing a lyric, listeners are invited to revisit the site and see for themselves what new stories have been shared. 

You can trade memories for music your self here.

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