Show Preview: Kuinka with Ezra Bell at Doug Fir Lounge


Saturday, June 3, is going to be a busy day at Doug Fir Lounge. One of the shows set for that day will be a performance by folk-stomp Americana band, Kuinka joined by Portland’s own, Ezra Bell.

Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, Kuinka, which is Finnish for “how,” is a four piece band comprised of brothers Zach and Nathan Hamer, Miranda Zickler, and Jillian Walker. Formerly known as Rabbit Wilde, they are touring for their upcoming EP Stay Up Late, which was recorded in Portland with longtime producer Jerry Streeter.

Fronted by the vocals and songwriting of Benjamin Wuamett, Ezra Bell is a five piece indie folk act that formed in 2013. Ezra Bell is known and praised for their use of an array of instrumentals and blend of folk, jazz, blues, and rock. Ezra Bell has released three EP’s, Don’t All Look Up at Once (2013), We Came by Canoe (2015), and Farewell Griffin (2016).  A full length debut is set to be out this year.

Tickets for Saturday’s show with Kuinka and Ezra Bell can be found here.


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