Premiere: BNNY RBBT – “Anchor” Check Out The Mysterious Story Here!


It was a normal Saturday when blogger Boudreaux went to a yard sale where he found an old VHS camcorder bag. Inside the bag, Boudreaux found a few random items as well as an old VHS tape. On this tape was the music of a mysterious musician named BNNY RBBT. This discovery changed the young blogger’s life and sent him on a mission to find the man behind the music.  Now, months later, the search continues. After Boudreaux created a fan website ( asking for any information leading to the artist, two tracks as well as artwork and interviews with people who knew BNNY RBBT have been submitted. Just a few weeks ago he received photos of a concert poster found in Toyko, Japan.

Today we have received an exclusive premiere for the third song ever discovered by BNNY RBBT with the incredible track, “Anchor” dancing on the lines of synth-pop, psychedelic r n b, and indie rock with heavily distorted vocals and upbeat guitar riffs. Though the track was presumably recorded at some time in the 1990s, it’s sound is timeless. The perfect track for cruising to the river on a leisurely summer day or just relaxing on the patio. However you listen, you’ll enjoy the euphoric nature of the track. 

Today Boudreaux continues his search for the elusive BNNY RBBT, please contact his fan page with any new information, and enjoy the track! For more info check out 



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