Exclusive Album Premiere: The Ruby Shots – “This Dark Town”

The Ruby Shots

We’re very excited to share our exclusive stream of “This Dark Town” the brand new EP from Brooklyn’s The Ruby Shots that dropped today. The album is versatile and hard hitting tapping into elements of post punk, americana, pop, and rock and roll. This accompanied with the dueling vocals of singers Dylan Eshbaugh and Mia Bergstrom make for a solid listen all the way through. 

The Ruby Shots are a New York based indie rock band consisting of Dylan Eshbaugh, Mia Bergstrom, Dan Yaiullo, and James Yaiullo. They are influenced by the melodies of 60’s pop, the tones of 80’s alternative, and the energy of Americana. They strive for echoing melodies that shimmer with layers of darker tones and dynamic drum beats.

The Ruby Shots had this to say about the album, “ This Dark Town was recorded with Kieran Kelly at The Buddy Project in Astoria, Queens. This Dark Town starts where our first EP, Aide-Mémoire, left off. However, while Aide-Mémoire was more introspective, This Dark Town moves outward, whether the song is sung in second person or between our two singers, Mia and Dylan. This is our first EP with the four of us. We were focused on making the songs as dynamic as possible and wanted there to be a sense of urgency throughout the album. James’s drum beats are fast paced and adjust depending on the song’s overall mood. Dan holds the low end down with his bass lines while keeping things interesting by playing bass melodies that could pass as lead guitar. Dylan’s guitar is tight and clean, while Mia’s vocals glide over the song with the help of her synth work. Songs like “Midnight Silhouette” and “Nightmares” are influenced by bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, who were able to take 60’s psychedelic pop and modernize it with 80’s tones. “Feeling” is in a similar vein, although it definitely leans more heavily towards the 60’s pop side of things. “When” and “Brake Lights” are the two songs on the album featuring Dylan and Mia as lead vocalists, both being a give and take between the two singers. These two songs have an Americana flare that can also be heard in our last single Doldrums.”


Check out our exclusive stream below and be sure to check out The Ruby Shots on Facebook and Twitter! The album is available on Bandcamp now and will be streaming on Itunes and Spotify this week!


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