New York SOTW: Ruby Shots – “Brake Lights”


Our New York song of the week comes from Brooklyn based band, The Ruby Shots with their new single, “Brake Lights”

The Ruby Shots are a New York based indie rock band consisting of Dylan Eshbaugh, Mia Bergstrom, Dan Yaiullo, and James Yaiullo. They are influenced by the melodies of 60’s pop, the tones of 80’s alternative, and the energy of Americana. They strive for echoing melodies that shimmer with layers of darker tones and dynamic drum beats.

“Break Lights” is a beautiful travel song with a 90’s feel. The melding of vocals from lead singers Dylan Eshbaugh and Mia Bergstrom create a sound that’s familiar but unique. 

Take off on the road tonight 
Take off and don’t look back till I tell you 
When it’s safe in the brake lights 
Take off on the road tonight 
Take off and look out on the horizon 
Where you’re driving 


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