Hip-Hop Video Feature: Tee Grizzley – “No Effort”

Tee Grizzley

Detroit Rapper Tee Grizzley has made quite the name for himself. His debut single, “First Day Out” made massive waves on the hip-hop scene, dropping only 3 days after his release from prison, the track tells the story of how Grizzley got locked up as well as the realities of his life. 

“No Effort” is the first single off Tee Grizzley’s debut Mixtape, “My Moment”  dropping April 7th. The track is a straight banger through and through,Grizzley showcases his unique flow and Detroit style, and like the track, his flow comes with no effort.

Was you watchin’ the news? You saw them indictments?
Okay, so you know I’m statin’ facts
Last niggas we was beefin’ with, uh
Man, I can’t even think of what cemetery them niggas at
It’ll come to me later, it’s on the tip of my tongue
Nigga I meet gangsters, Crips, Lordz and Bloods
Nigga I meet plugs, talk over dinner ’bout funds
Only thing you meet is the requirements for a crumb

The production is the hardest thing Grizz has rapped over since “First Day Out” with massive drops,snare kicks, and Warren-Gesque bass-lines. 

The track is off the “My Moment” Mixtape available on Itunes and Spotify April 7th!

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