Minneapolis SOTW: Lizzo- “Phone”

New Minneapolis Music!!!! Check it out below.

For this week’s Minneapolis SOTW we’ve got an absolutely bangin’ track from Minnesota’s own, Lizzo. The song, “Phone” is guaranteed to make you dance. Lizzo’s versatile record is hot fuego through and through. She show’s her eclectic range alternating between powerful R n B singing and fiercely confident rapping. The Minnesota native’s made quite the name for herself in the local scene with he debut 2013 release, “Lizzobangers,” followed by her 2015 album, “Big Grrrl Small World.”

Her latest release, “Coconut Oil” exceeded all expectations with solid tracks from start to finish, with tracks discussing topics like not needing a man but only needing coconut oil, something I find very relatable. There is a clear motif throughout the record, with lines like, <I woke up in this, I woke up in this, my skin. I can’t wash it away, so you can’t take it from me. Brown skin.>

The album tackles issues of body image, race, and gender issues. with concise monologues  like the one before the track, “My Skin,” <Learning to love yourself, your body is a journey every person, more specifically women have to go through, so I feel like doing this is is a good way to break through and kind of seal the last chapter of learning to love, and just loving.>

The convergence of social issues and melodious R n B/ Rap tracks makes for a good listen.

The record is definitely bound for club glory, the track, “Phone” is a serious club banger, and the perfect track to get your Halloween partied crackin’ tonight.

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