Seattle SOTW: Dave B and Sango: “Help Me Find A Way”

Seattle’s prominent production master Sango and rising rap artist Dave B have paired up to deliver a skillful new album. The duo have combined their crafts so well to create Tomorrow that their music seems almost effortless.

In “Help Me Find A Way” Dave B’s rapping flows easily over Sango’s smooth production. He uses his singing abilities to harmonize throughout the song as Sango provides uptempo beats that give the hopeful vibe Dave B’s lyrics yearn for. The track admirably incorporates A Tribe Called Quest’s “Find A Way” and mixes in the natural sounds of Seattle by using a voice familiar to those who ride the Link light rail. As this is only the second song off their new album, riders wont mind missing their next stop to stay on and listen to the gem in its entirety.

Tomorrow is out July 22. Check out the track from the album below.



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