Local Song of the Week: Blossom – “Sass”

blossom portland next northwest

“I’m the lyric and melody, come get with me and we can make the perfect harmony” Blossom has a point here. It seems she’s talking about her personality, but she can actually handle both, easily. Her clear and annunciated rapping effortlessly transitions into an incredibly soulful and catchy melody. Portland doesn’t seem very ready for this, but it has to be. Since signing with Eyrst in September of 2015 (ish), she has put out a two-song single, and another short offering titled “Wavves,” which you can listen to on Sound Cloud.  We can’t wait for a full-length project.

The song is confident and so straightforward, giving her the opportunity to highlight her vocal prowess, which sounds just as good rapping as it does crooning. She has a way of stretching the verses out with harmonic hums that seem to reverberate throughout the entire song. A brilliantly choppy key sample has a feeling of being disjointed, but the entire package together with her voice is impossible to stop. The song is so short that you just want to keep it on replay – and you do – until you realize you’ve listened to it 20 times. There is a darkness to the song, a secret that’s being withheld, but it makes it mysterious and the only way to solve it is to listen to the song 20 more times.

“The sunset sets at the beat of my step.” I have’t see that yet, but at this point I can’t deny it’s true.

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