Interview: Half Moon Run

Words: Erin Treat
Photos: Alexa Jade
After their tour stop in Portland, we were lucky enough to chat with Half Moon Run’s Isaac Symonds about the show, the native Montrealers love for the West Coast, and a little bit of their creative process.


The sold out Doug Fir show last Friday night in Portland was just one of many successful nights for Half Moon Run on quite the busy tour. The most notable part of the show to Symonds? The atmosphere. “The venue had a David Lynch feel, kind of like Twin Peaks you know? And I love that, that feel, so it was cool for me.” An observation I would’ve probably never noticed, but he was right. The Doug Fir has such a David Lynch vibe. If there’s anything I gathered about Half Moon Run from my conversation with Symonds, it’s that he and the band are a group that needs to feel inspired in their environment. Last year when they were recording Sun Leads Me On, they spent time in California. “We are on our way to San Diego today for the tour, and we spent some time on the West Coast in California last year and would surf all day and work at night.” It’s a time Symonds speaks affectionately of, and it’s clear they drew a lot of inspiration for the album from this trip.


The foursome equally participates when it comes to the creative process. “We all go to the jam sessions or songwriting sessions together, and we each have different tastes in music and ideas we bring.” One of the more unique aspects of their show at the Doug Fir is that they all contribute in different ways, they each chime in vocally on different songs or play a different instrument for other songs and it’s clear that they don’t stick to the traditional mold of each band member playing only one instrument and/or vocals. I asked if they find themselves able to be creative on tour and Symonds responded, “It’s a little harder. This time we have a tour bus and everything but we just get busy, nothing compares to a day just working on it.” Imaginably so, we can only hope as listeners that after their tour they are able to get back into creating more of that West Coast inspired, Montreal based sound that we’ve come to know and love.


My final question for Symonds– if Half Moon Run were to be a drink at a bar what would it be? His answer, “A Pilsner on tap. We would probably all answer something different but that’s what I would choose,” A down to Earth beer for a down to Earth band, it seems to suite them.

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