NEW MUSIC: ASW’s Monarch

I’m fucking free, is what ASW is screaming as his delightfully dark and then ethereal intro writhes out of the speakers much like the youth of his album’s namesake. The first track off ASW’s The Monarch EP, Time to Myself an electronic diary entry gives you the first glimpse into a artistic rebirth that continues to unfold throughout the albums other two tracks, Confusion & Clarity and The Monarch. Previous ASW productions have been more powerful and robust pieces, aimed to throw you into cerebral dance hurricane only to pull out the other side with your head on backwards. With The Monarch ASW has stripped down his pieces, favoring flighty and ominous tones designed to gently guide the listener through the long journey these tracks were produced on. The album still features ASW’s blend of catchy riffs and well placed momentum shifts, but while listening to the final track, which shares its name with the album, there is a calm chaos that simmers but never boils over, which I have to say is a fun line to toe.

Portland based artist ASW RudeToon Records, his solo debut EP “The Monarch” is available.

You can find the mixtape at:


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